Compression to open the breath

Terri has received extensive breathwork training and will use a variety of techniques to help you breathe correctly and open your breath more fully.

"How you breathe IS how you live. If your breath is deep, full, relaxed, connected and flowing...your life will be that way too."

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A workshop is often the first step toward introducing yourself 
to the benefits of deep conscious, connected breathing. 
In a workshop, you will...

●  UNDERSTAND how your breath is blocked
●  LEARN how to open up constricted, shallow breathing.
●  EXPERIENCE a facilitated Soul Breathing session using a deep, 
    connected deep, breathing process, music, sound healing &
    affirmations for body-mind-spirit integration. 
●  RELIEVE stress and activate the relaxation response in the body
●  LET GO of emotional baggage and thought patterns that keep you stuck
●  BREATHE life force, love and joy into your body.
●  RECEIVE a 5 minute take-home breathing practice.

A full length Soul Breathing workshop lasts approximately 2.5 to 3 hrs and includes an intro talk, a breath analysis on a volunteer, instruction
on the proper breathing process & the Soul Breathing technique. 
This is followed by a 45 to 60 minute hands-on facilitated breath 
session usually while lying on the floor with positioning & propping 
to support your unique breath pattern. Time is given for questions 
and for integration after the breath session. Workshops of various 
lengths and content can be designed to meet the needs of your group.

An introductory Soul Breathing workshop or ‘A Taste of Soul Breathing’ workshop includes a short introductory talk with instruction on the 
proper breathing process along with the Soul Breathing technique. 
This is followed by a 20 to 30 minute hands-on facilitated breath session 
usually while sitting in chairs. Many of the bullet points listed above can still be achieved with this shorter format. Workshops of various lengths and content can be designed to meet the needs of your group. 

Expand your breath & open it more fully.  
It usually takes 6 to 12 facilitated sessions to master your breath and to 
be able to give yourself a full breath session.  After attending an introductory workshop, breathing in a group can be an economical way to get in more sessions. Small groups sessions and intensives are usually 
limited to 8 people.  
An individual Soul Breathing session with a breath facilitator will give you complete personal attention with your breath.  You will be guided to understand your default breath pattern and discover where your breath 
is blocked.  A private session can help you reclaim your breath quickly and achieve your personal goals. It is suggested that you commit to at least three sessions for best results. Discount given for 3 sessions or more. Shorter sessions and consultations are also available. Contact Terri directly to schedule an appointment.  

Share a Soul Breathing session with a friend and receive many of the benefits of a private session for less. Contact Terri to schedule.

Experience a breath session in a heated therapeutic pool to amplify & clear suppressed and repressed emotions including birth trauma.

Take Soul Breathing to a deeper level and put yourself on the road 
to breath mastery. “Master Your Breath, Master Your Life”

Level 1 : I Love to Breathe (2 day)
●  Four facilitated breath sessions
●  Healing Sound that activates emotional integration 
●  Chakra toning to "tune up" your light body
●  Processes to be free of old mental & emotional patterns
●  Self-Session breathing skills

Level 2: I Breathe to Love (2 day)
● Body Mapping: Learn self-facilitation skills for emotional and mental 
   purification and integration. 
● Water Breath Session: Breath session in a heated therapeutic
   pool to amplify and release old emotions including birth trauma.
● Two facilitated breath sessions to free your self expression and to open 
   and activate the upper charkas and access higher states of consciousness 

Offered once or twice yearly at planetary vortices or sacred sites. Retreats are open to anyone willing to take a quantum leap with Terri. She will take you deeper with your breath and you will have fun. Prior Soul Breathing session or workshop is highly recommended. Contact Terri for info and/or upcoming schedule.

CO-CREATE: HOST a Breathing Workshop
Hosting a private breath workshop in your home, church, studio or office space can be a fun, unique way to get a group of friends, clients, co-workers and/or neighbors together and share a powerful experience.  

If you would like to schedule an appointment (by phone, Zoom or in person), for an individual session, semi-private session or for a wellness talk for your group, or discuss other offerings, please contact Terri directly. To register for an upcoming class, group session or special event, email Terri of your interest and pay by Cash, Check, Venmo or PayPal to confirm your registration. If you prefer to pay by Credit Card, you may use the shopping cart below to register & pay online. 
(an extra fee of approx 4% is included in the below pricing for credit card service.