to connect, rejuvenate and transform

Without breath there is no life. It is as simple as that and yet many of us take how we breathe for granted. Our breath is the energy of life. It provides all important oxygen to the body, unites and deepens the mind-body-spirit connection and strengthens our ties to all that live.  Many people breathe in a shallow and constricted pattern, cutting off the full benefit their breath. Changing your breath can lead to a more healthful life and greater peace of mind.

The tradition and knowledge of breath work is found in all meditative practices, martial arts and ancient Eastern philosophies. Today our Western culture is beginning to understand what Eastern thinking has known and practiced for centuries — the restorative and life-enhancing power of the breath.

Life can be simple when we give ourselves the gift of conscious breathwork, which includes becoming aware of your how you breathe.  

How you take a breath in, is how you allow life to enter or inspire you, how you let go of your exhale is how you let go and allow life to move through you. Noticing how your breath flows in and out of your being can become a natural meditation.

Conscious, diaphragmatic breathwork opens up and corrects old ineffective patterns of breathing and builds one’s awareness of breath to help reduce stress, heighten self-awareness, clear emotional traumas and connect with higher states of consciousness. Giving our attention to our breath, brings increased energy into our bodies and shifts us to a more joyful state of being.

         "Change Your Breath, Change Your Life!"




Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh, has been a healthcare professional  for over 35 years and has worked in the area of holistic health for the last fifteen. Her main area of focus is in conscious breathwork and is a nationally recognized breathwork teacher, facilitator and coach. She has studied with many masterful teachers and holds breathwork certifications in Transformational Breath® (Dr. Judith Kravitz), and in

Soul Breathing™ (Robert Winn). In addition, Terri is an associate certified Pranic Healing Practitioner (Master Stephen Co & Grand Master Choa Kok Sui) as well as a certified Reiki Master Practitioner.  Terri has also studied Global Somatic Breathwork, Integrative Breath, Light Body, Arhatic Yoga, Mastering Alchemy,  New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation and Human Design, all of which contribute to the depth and breadth she brings to her private sessions and classes. Terri is currently deepening her own breath practice through a four year course that focuses on ancient breathing practices and sound (mantra).

Terri is an engaging teacher and a change catalyst. She offers a unique path to personal transformation and optimum health & wellness through Conscious Breathwork. She will guide your breath to become more open and to find it’s natural rhythm. She will help you clear your blocks and ignite a spark that can unleash your full potential and help you to  achieve your personal goals. Terri teaches breathwork individually, in small groups and at larger events and conferences. Terri also brings breathwork into the business setting. Through her highly sought-after tips and breath awareness tools, Terri offers practical solutions toward reducing personal stress and creating a happier and healthier workplace.

Terri offers a variety of sessions and classes in the Twin Cities area where she resides. She travels extensively, offering seminars and retreats throughout the United States and abroad. One of her most rewarding and memorable experiences to date, was breathing a group of Burmese students from the Thailand-Myanmar refugee camps as part of a health care professional training program in the Mae Sot district of Western Thailand.